Jailbreak of the Day: AutoTouch

By Peter Atoria  //  July 14th, 2015  //  Jailbreak  //  No Comments


Have you ever been playing a game like Tap Titans or MinuteQuest where you literally just tap as fast as you can? What if you had an app to do that for you? Bum badda bum, introducing AutoTouch! AutoTouch is great for any game where repetitive taps are needed like slot games, sending gifts to friends in social games, or farmville harvesting. But let’s not limit ourselves to just games, it can be used to make money via any app that is pay-to-tap like AppTrailers or CheckPoints. What more else is there to say, it’s the price of a coffee.

  • Bottom Line Benefits: Record and Playback Touch Sequences
  • Cost: $4.99
  • Author: Kent Krantz
  • Source:http://thebigboss.org


Jailbreak of the Day – Activator

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been listening to music in the car stumbling to go to the next track, but instead just tapping the pause button or changing the volume accidentally. Activator solves all that by allowing you make certain gestures and buttons have custom commands. For example, in my previous annoyance, while my screen is locked, pressing the volume up key advances the track and the volume down key goes to the previous track. Now I can drive without endangering the lives of everyone around me! Yay! It’s not limited to just this, you can use a gesture (5 finger tap) to open an application or a status bar double tap to open your messages app. The possibilities are endless and it’s free, what are you waiting for.

  • Bottom Line Benefits: Custom Command/Gesture Functions
  • Cost: Free
  • Author: Ryan Petrich
  • Source:http://rpetri.ch/repo/


Jailbreak of the Day – UnlimTones

By Peter Atoria  //  July 10th, 2015  //  Jailbreak  //  No Comments


You know what’s cool/annoying? Custom ringtones. You know what’s even more awesomer than that? Free custom ringtones. UnlimTones allows you to either download a ringtone from a 3rd party site or you can create ringtones from your iTunes music library within your phone, super fast, and super easy. All downloaded and created ringtones can be immediately used to annoy the office or household.

  • Bottom Line Benefits: Free Ringtones
  • Cost: Free
  • Author: UnlimApps
  • Source:http://thebigboss.org


Jailbreak of the Day – Flex 2

By Peter Atoria  //  January 8th, 2015  //  Jailbreak  //  No Comments

Flex 2

Have you ever wanted to change an app? For example the landscape mode in the Music app is a real pain the taint, but with Flex 2 you can just install a patch to disable landscape mode. Did life just get more awesome . . . yes it did. The beauty of it is that you do not need to know a thing about how to do this. Flex 2 has added a cloud tab where users have already done all the work for you. You just click on the app you want to change and scroll through all the imaginative things people have shared.

It’s not only limited to apple apps, you can edit games as well. Have you ever noticed that some games do a jailbreak check and if you have your phone jailbroken, the app just crashes. Tsum Tsum is one of my favorite games and it happened. I just opened Flex 2 up and got a patch to disable the jailbreak check. Obviously some games have cheats and more nefarious things you can do, that’s not how I roll but you can though.

  • Bottom Line Benefits: Custom App Modifications
  • Cost: $3.99
  • Author: John Coates
  • Source:http://thebigboss.org


Jailbreak of the Day – iFile

By Peter Atoria  //  January 5th, 2015  //  Jailbreak  //  No Comments


This is one of the must have apps in my opinion. iFile gives users root access to their phone’s directories. It’s like having Finder on your iPhone. You can move stuff around, edit SQL databases or plist files, and it is even a good FTP Client. If your computer is on your local WiFi network you can press the little globe tab (2nd one from the left) and it will create a local webpage for you to drop and transfer your stuff. It also has some low level capabilities such as playing mp4 files, reading PDFs, or playing mp3s. This is perfect if you download a torrent through AppCake and need to move it to your video app’s document folder.

  • Bottom Line Benefits: File Manager, FTP Client
  • Cost: $4.00
  • Author: Carsten Heinelt
  • Source:http://thebigboss.org


Jailbreak of the Day – AppCake

By Peter Atoria  //  December 31st, 2014  //  Jailbreak  //  1 Comment


What’s that? You hate paying for apps? Maybe you just want to try out an app before dropping hundreds of dollars. AppCake is a giant repository of free app store apps and cracked Cydia Apps that you can download and install right on your phone. The only differences between installing these apps and purchased apps is that you do not get automatic updates (they still have a update tab where you can see all the apps that need updating you just have to do it manually) and you usually have to download the apps through a torrent or 3rd party download site. On that note, a little known fact is that AppCake doubles as a torrent downloading app as well. Copy any magnet link to any torrent, open AppCake, go to the Downloads tab, then click on the Torrents Tab on top, click the plus sign in the upper right, and copy your link. How do you move these downloaded files? Maybe tomorrow’s awesome jailbreak will tell you.

  • Bottom Line Benefits: Free Apps, Torrent Client
  • Cost: free
  • Author: hotsjf
  • Source:http://cydia.iphonecake.com


iLearn Actionscript 3: Intro

By Peter Atoria  //  May 25th, 2012  //  ActionScript  //  No Comments

Author Introduction

First off, don’t confuse me with you. If you are here reading this, that means you are a newbie. I am much lower than that, I am a super newbie. That’s right I’m not afraid to admit it. Being a super newbie, you can be safe to assume that I am going to make mistakes, so if you see one or two or twenty, post a comment below so that I can fix it right up.

What is Actionscript 3?

This is the official programming language of Adobe Flash CS3 CS4 and CS5. That means that if you want to be able to produce anything noteworthy on the Adobe Flash Platform, you must learn ActionScript 3. The code itself is object-oriented, thus is very similar to languages such as C++ or Java. (more…)


iLearn Excel VBA: Cells and Ranges

By Peter Atoria  //  December 14th, 2011  //  Visual Basic  //  No Comments

Cells and Ranges . . . I’m lost already!

If you open up Excel you will see countless boxes. These boxes are called Cells. You can store many different kinds of variables within these cells including numbers, strings, and even dates. If you highlight a bunch of cells (click on a cell and while holding the left click down, drag your mouse to another cell), you just selected a Range of cells. The row numbers are on the left and the column numbers are denoted as letters across the top row. Now that definitions are out of the way, we can move on to cell manipulation. (more…)


iLearn Excel VBA: Select-Case

By Peter Atoria  //  December 14th, 2011  //  Visual Basic  //  No Comments

The Forgotten Select-Case

The Select-Case is often ignored when programming as it can be easily substituted with If-Then-Else statements. It functions much like a If-Then-Else statement and computes a conditional where if true, completes a segment of code. Let’s look at the example: (more…)


iLearn Excel VBA: Do-While-Loop

By Peter Atoria  //  September 7th, 2011  //  Visual Basic  //  1 Comment

A Different Kind of Loop

A Do-While-Loop is similar to a For-Loop in the sense that they are both iteration statements. The only difference is that the Do-While-Loop has a conditional statement that it uses to determine whether or not the loop shall continue. Take a look: (more…)

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